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Best Apps Mac

Best Apps Mac Platz 20: McSolitaire

Wer mag, kann nach der Installation des Systems und der Einrichtung des Mac noch über den Mac App Store kostenlos die iWork-Programme. Mit McSolitaire spielen Sie Patience in vielen Varianten, mit tollen Kartenmotiven und jede Menge können sich Züge vorschlagen lassen oder falsche. Insgesamt ist Evernote eine der besten Mac-Apps, ein sehr praktisches Tool für viele Berufe, Studenten und auch für den rein privaten Gebrauch. Alle Apps, nur eine Suche entfernt. Setapp holen. Setapp Macbook. Nach Apps suchen. Kategorien. Alle Apps. Verfügbar auf iOS. Wartung. Produktivität. Mac. Noch nie war es so einfach, Software zu finden und zu installieren. Wir zeigen, welche Mac-Apps keinen Cent kosten und den Alltag mit dem Mac dennoch.

Best Apps Mac

Alle Apps, nur eine Suche entfernt. Setapp holen. Setapp Macbook. Nach Apps suchen. Kategorien. Alle Apps. Verfügbar auf iOS. Wartung. Produktivität. Mac. Noch nie war es so einfach, Software zu finden und zu installieren. Wir zeigen, welche Mac-Apps keinen Cent kosten und den Alltag mit dem Mac dennoch. Mit McSolitaire spielen Sie Patience in vielen Varianten, mit tollen Kartenmotiven und jede Menge können sich Züge vorschlagen lassen oder falsche. Das ist am Anfang nicht leicht, aber nach Fulda Casino kurzen Eingewöhnungszeit, werden Sie mit den Flips und Grinds gar nicht Spiele Kyodai Casino Bonus Ohne Anmeldung wollen. Dafür aber ungeheuer nützlich. Kurz: Die App ist derzeit wahrscheinlich Apples nützlichstes und vielseitigstes Tool überhaupt. Hier eine kleine Auswahl. Ausserdem müssen die Apps Casino Bayern Mac, iPad und iPhone einzeln erworben werden. Das wäre mal was Die Sammlung ist bereits kompatibel mit der aktuellen macOS-Version. Die Songtexte, die bereits vorliegen, werden nicht erneut heruntergeladen. Table Tool ist zum Beispiel auch ideal dafür CSV-Dateien zu konvertieren und zu bearbeiten, Casino Bregenz Gutschein diese für Datenbankanwendungen oder andere Tabellenkalkulationen funktionieren. Es wendet sich eher an Productivity-affine User, die nicht nur ein Tagebuch oder Journal führen, sondern dieses auch zur Selbstreflektion und -optimierung nutzen möchten. Audacity Wer gar kein Geld für ein Audio-Schnittprogramm ausgeben will, ist mit dem kostenlosen Audacity bestens beraten. Dank vielfältiger Funktionen kann Mixxx auch höheren Ansprüchen genügen. Schnee zum Artikel.

Not only does the minimalist software allow you to fill out forms and merge PDFs, but it also grants you a host of tools for editing, annotating, and signing files on the fly.

Mac users have access to a vast selection of excellent photo-editing apps, but even against its many competitors, Pixelmator stands out as one of the best.

It boasts a massive list of powerful features and is currently one of the fastest apps in the entire photo-editing space.

The app is perfect for sharing your favorite stuff among friends or for stowing interesting articles you may encounter on your evening commute, which you can then pull up on the big screen with their accompanying text, pictures, and links when you get home.

Google Reader may be dead and gone, but a proper RSS reader is still a must. Thankfully, Reeder 3 is one of the best around.

Themes, gesture controls, and a host of customization options also come as standard. Things 3 is a brilliant MacOS to-do list and task management app.

Thanks to a full redesign, Things is more useful than ever, connecting to your tasks and Calendar in a seamless interface.

You can add descriptions, checklists, upcoming tasks, evening-only tasks, automated reminders, and a lot of other unique task features.

If you want to invest in a high-end task management app for Mac, Things is worth the price. Yes, DVD ripping is still a thing in the age of digital distribution.

That said, HandBrake shines when it comes to converting media files and encoding videos, especially when you factor in how quick and effortless the open-source software makes the process.

The well-known app also comes with a plethora of video-editing tools designed for splicing, adjusting framerate, and adding subtitles, among a laundry list of other useful actions that come second to its optimization presets.

If you own an Xbox One, you can stream it to a Mac using this premium app. OneCast setup is simple: Install it, sign in to your Microsoft Account, and then the app searches the local network for your Xbox console.

Thanks to MacOS, you can use an Xbox wireless controller, too. Honestly, who still shops in brick-and-mortar stores anymore?

Push notifications and Spotlight integration are just an added plus. This one is developed and distributed by Sony, allowing you to stream the PlayStation 4 to your device.

Just install the app, sign in to your PlayStation Network account, and the two devices pair for remote play. Slack is an all-purpose messaging client that has recently taken office productivity and discussion to an entirely new level.

It gives you access to the entire Spotify catalog much like its mobile counterpart, letting you search and listen to nearly any track, artist, or album free of charge.

You can also use it to build custom playlists or capitalize on personal recommendations that span jazz, hip hop, rock, and everything in between.

Even better, games you purchase for Windows or Linux are playable on your Mac if a compatible version is available — no separate purchase required.

Solid BitTorrent clients are few and far between, but Transmission ranks among the best. The lightweight app excels when it comes to download speed, and blends seamlessly with MacOS.

Transmission did have a security breach in so make sure you only download the most recent version 2. Like the last-gen version of the software, the newest iteration presents you with multiple columns and windows, along with tools to mute users, hashtags, and specific keywords.

Luckily, HyperDock gives us that full-fledged functionality we so desperately crave, allowing anyone with a Mac to apply it to both the app Dock and windows.

This can save an extraordinary amount of time over dragging windows from the corners. For the Dock, hovering over apps activates something close to Windows 7 thumbnail previews, giving an overview of a window that can be accessed by a click or closed directly from there.

All you need is a Windows 10 license — so prepare to buy one if you haven't already. Or, alternatively, you can use Parallels to try a handful of free operating systems including Chromium a free distribution of Chrome OS or Linux Debian.

The latest version of Parallels in particular has seen improvements such as Touch Bar support, better resolution scaling for Retina displays and picture-in-picture for using other operating systems in conjunction with macOS.

Portable monitors are still fairly expensive and bulky , luckily, though, you can use an iPad instead using a nifty app called Duet.

Its flexibility and customization options make it a viable option for many different types of users. It can morph into a simple editor for blog posts for example, or you can hook it up to Evernote for storing notes in the cloud.

There's at least 10 different word counters out there, and you can even add typewriter sound effects as you hammer out your delicious prose.

Atom is also infinitely customizable on the visual side thanks to an editable back-end, allowing you to do anything from changing the font size, line height and colors to giving the caret Word like elasticity.

Developed by Apple itself, its accessible interface hides a ton of advanced functionality. The latest version also comes with a svelte design, bit architecture and a new session drummer that will save you from having to drop more cash on a drum machine or a real drummer.

It also works in natural harmony with iPads, providing a touch-based alternative method of creating song structures to dragging and dropping blocks in the main visual editor.

Whether you're a seasoned producer already Sia used the app to record her hit song 'Chandelier' or are looking to upgrade from Garageband, Logic Pro X likely has what you need.

Task management apps are a lifesaver, and the Microsoft To Do app might just be the best of them. Evernote has morphed into a mighty note-taking app over the years.

While some people will say that it's too bloated, the sheer number of things that you can do with it still makes it best-in-class.

You can type up notes, obviously, organizing them using a combination of folders and tags. You can even embed Google Drive documents, which are accessible in a click.

There's also the ability to set reminders, share notes with friends, find information related to notes using Evernote's 'Context' feature, create lists, and favorite notes that you frequently return to.

Better yet, all of your notes are synchronized using the company's servers, making them accessible on nearly any PC through a browser or the native Evernote app or mobile device in the world.

However, that does not mean that there are no good free apps out there. In fact, there are a ton of them. Some of the apps on this list are evergreen and you most probably already have them installed on your device.

But some of them are entirely new. No matter, how old an app is, it is new for somebody out there. That said, no matter how avid a Mac user you are, I can bet that you will find new Mac apps in this article that you have never heard of before.

So, open your Macs and get ready to download these awesome free Mac apps. Note: Be sure to read our must-have iPhone apps article to get the best apps for your iPhone in While most of the apps in this list are free, some of them offer a paid option.

That being said, when it comes to paid apps, I have only included those options that offer a generous free tier.

I am using free versions of all the apps that offer paid options and find them suitable for most users.

No app with a free trial or heavily restricted free tier has been included. M4B is also the native format that Apple Books support.

If you want to keep your music library separate from the book library, this is the format to use. I have been using this app for the past year and a half to listen to public domain audiobooks and lectures and it has never failed me.

Install: Free. Password management is something people ignore. Since passwords are hard to remember and most third-party password managers charge a hefty monthly subscription fee, not everyone is aboard the strong and different password train.

To those users, I suggest LastPass. LastPass offers a very generous free tier that allows you to use the software on two different machines.

And if you want to use it on more, you can always use its web app that works everywhere. I have been using LastPass for the past two years to manage my passwords and I never had any problem.

All my passwords are secure, long, and use an alpha-numeric combination. If you are still using the same password everywhere or setting weak passwords, try out LastPass.

Its one of the best free Mac apps that you can get. My biggest problem with Safari is its nescient extension library. Safari is also slow to adopt the latest web technologies.

I know Apple does this to keep browsing private and secure, but sometimes it causes hindrance in my work. For a long time, I was using Chrome for this work but I hated two things about it.

First, Google Chrome is a resource hog and decreases battery life, causes overheating, and several other problems. It was one of the reasons why I switch from Android to iOS several years back.

The solution is the Brave browser. But, since the creators focus on privacy, your data is always secure.

It brings an automatic tracking blocker and even blocks most of the annoying ads. Since it blocks the most harmful scripts, you get to enjoy a faster internet.

If you are also looking for a good Chrome alternative, you should try using the Brave browser. CopyClip is a Mac utility that stores everything you copy in a clipboard.

Copy-and-paste is so integral to our work that we cannot even imagine a time when this feature was not available. Even after so decades, you still cannot hold more than one entry in your clipboard.

Enter, CopyClip. You can use a simple keyboard shortcut to easily copy any item and paste them anywhere you want.

CopyClip not only saves text input but also preserves images and documents. For a long time, it was hard to recommend a good free text editor on Mac.

All the good ones were paid, and the free ones were just not up to the mark. Whether you want to write a long blog post, edit snippets of code, design website or web apps, BBEdit is the text editor to use.

The best thing about BBEdit is how fast it works. It opens text files with hundreds of thousands of words in seconds and never falters.

In my years of using this app, I have not lost even a single line of text. It has a powerful search that lets you locate and find keywords across files.

But, if anything, RSS is showing a sign of resurgence in the past year or so. Built on-top of free and open source reader named Evergreen , NetNewsWire is an excellent feed reader for Mac.

The app makes it easy to subscribe to RSS feeds and brings excellent search capabilities. It also brings a beautiful design and I adore its dark mode.

It also s upports online feed syncing services such as Feedbin. I still prefer Reeder 4 as it brings more features, but seeing how NetNewsWire is still young and free to use, I cannot fault it.

While Macs come with a basic video editor for free iMovie , anyone who is serious about video editing will have to go for the pro video editing apps.

Even when I am writing this, I cannot believe that such a capable video editor is free to use. The latest version of the software, DaVinci Resolve 16 combines professional 8K editing, color correction, visual effects, and audio post-production all in one software tool.

From custom timeline settings to facial recognition to keyframe editing, it brings all features that you require from a professional video editor.

It is one of the best free Mac software that you can install. Folx is a powerful native download manager for Mac that not only works great but also looks cool.

It features a true Mac-style interface and supports both direct and torrent downloads. The app also offers extensions for Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

The extensions help Folx in catching downloads and thus ensure that you are not using the crappy download manager of your browser.

Folx can split downloads into multiple threads resulting in faster downloads and also support download pause and restart. The free version of the app is enough for most users.

I was using it for years without any complaints. I only bought the paid version to support the developers.

The extra features are nice to have but they have not drastically affected by usage. The dark mode on macOS Mojave is not half-cooked as it is on windows.

When you turn on the dark mode on your Mac, not only it turns the system UI but also the stock apps. Not only that, apps that support automatic dark mode also adhere to the same guideline.

Once you turn it on, they automatically default to dark mode. While that's great in most situation, I wish Apple included a way to create a whitelist for apps that are not functional in dark mode.

The default Mail app and the Evernote app are a few examples of an app that still work best in light mode.

That's where NightOwl comes in. It's a menu bar app that allows you to create a whitelist of apps that you don't want to use in dark mode.

Not only that, but it also allows you to quickly switch between dark and light mode with a simple click at its icon.

You can read more about the app in our article here. The app is completely free to download and use with a voluntary donation.

Install: NightOwl. I want to start this article with an app which I have discovered just a couple of months back and have fallen in love.

As its name suggests, Unsplash Wallpapers is a wallpaper app for Mac which gives you access to unlimited ultra-high resolution wallpapers for your Macs.

One of the things that I love most about MacBooks is its display. Apple packs phenomenal displays on the Macs. Before I discovered Unsplash Wallpapers, it used to be a chore to change wallpapers.

First, I had to find good wallpapers, then I had to download them, and only then I could use them.

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Best Apps Mac - Diese Programme gehören auf jeden Mac

Dashlane ist eine kostenlose Datenbank für das Speichern von Kennwörtern und Zugangsdaten. Dafür lassen sich mit dem Tool aber auch nahezu alle relevanten Formate entpacken. Sie können das Symbol im Dock per Drag-and-drop herausziehen und verschwinden lassen, wenn Sie das möchten. Download: FantastiCal herunterladen 49,99 Euro. Reicht USB für meine Anwendungen? Profis stehen komplexe Suchanfragen zur Verfügung, so unterstützt das Tool so genannte Wildcards. Sketchbook ist ein simples Zeichenprogramm, das einige Werkzeuge und Hilfsmittel bietet.

Best Apps Mac Video

My Favourite Mac Apps in 2020 - What's on my MacBook Pro?

The pro subscription gives you automatic syncing across all devices, extra themes, etc. The app is also really well supported and updated.

If you are a Confluence and Mac user, make sure to throw it a vote. Taking screenshots is almost a way of life in my work. When I stumbled on CleanShot X , it immediately blew my mind.

Things like changing the size, color, etc. This was a big pet peeve of mine when I first started using my Mac. With Dato, you can do this in a matter of seconds.

The developer is very active and is continuously adding new little features and integrations. For example, you can open calendar events from Google Calendar directly in Google Calendar.

Or use the Zoom integration for meetings. And if you like tweaking your menu bar, Bartender is another Mac app you should check out.

Its dark mode looks beautiful on macOS, and out of the box works great with local file editing and syncing back changes to the server.

There is none of that with ForkLift, just click and go. I do have to give a shout out to Brave , as I almost made a full move over to it.

However, Brave has a huge problem. I bounce a lot between my iMac and my MacBook Pro. I have an upcoming post on all the Google Chrome extensions and flags I love and use.

Stay tuned for that. In fact, as things get hectic, my writing tends to get a little sloppy. There is both a free and premium version of Grammarly.

The premium version gives you vocabulary enhancements, additional writing style checks, plagiarism detection, and a few other things. Their Google Chrome extension is available on all plans.

Your mac app destroys my CPU and battery just for being open in the background. There are a lot of things you can do with this, but I use it to keep my desktop clean.

I always save temporary files to the desktop. But this license allows you to use Hazel on up to two machines. So if you are on an iMac and a MacBook Pro, you can replicate this productivity hack across both as I do.

It has dark mode and looks beautiful if you compare it side by side with other alternatives such as VLC.

Another great feature is picture-in-picture which I use daily. Working on a multitude of different projects, I need tools that are easy and fast to use.

I use Loom for a couple of projects right now, mainly consisting of reviews and tutorials. You can download your videos to.

MP4 format in a matter of seconds to then upload to YouTube. There is both a free and pro version. The pro version allows you to record up to 4K quality on the Mac, and you can access an unlimited number of videos.

An app that I use daily to make my email more awesome is Mailplane. This is basically a local wrapper for Gmail. They were all missing certain features I needed.

Mailplane checks all these boxes. This means I can quickly toggle over to my calendar or contacts within a tab in the app.

This allows you to install it on any Mac you personally use. If you are a heavy Google Calendar user, I also recommend checking out Fantastical. This is especially important when you are connecting over a public hotspot, say in Starbucks, or a hotel room Wifi.

It will help keep anyone from intercepting your private information. There are a lot of different VPN apps out there, and to be honest, most of them are pretty similar.

The speed is great, I love the UI of the apps, and have never had any problems with it. You can install it on up to 6 devices.

They also have a day money-back guarantee. I always suggest giving it a try first to make sure it will work with your setup. Video calling is also super slick.

But I always come back to Spotify. In terms of generating new recommendations, Spotify is, in my opinion, the best.

The Spotify Mac app is awesome and works great across all devices and platforms. In , I listened to 23, minutes of music. If you are using Spotify premium, you will want to change the default quality settings.

It features a snappy UI, three-way merge tool, side-by-side diffs, syntax highlighting, and more. In fact, you can evaluate it for free forever.

Licenses are per-user, so you can use one license on all the computers you own. But none of these are perfect.

I proudly support the developers of both of these apps. My daily workflow, regardless of the job, always consists of trying to get as many tasks done as possible.

Where do I keep track of all this? Trello is an excellent little app that allows you to organize your projects and tasks with Kanban boards typically meaning you work from left to right.

The reason I always come back to Trello is because of the beautify in its simplicity. The free version of Trello lets you have an unlimited number of boards, cards, and lists.

If you need things like power-ups, templates, etc. There is, however, one little annoying thing with the Mac app, and that is the default Trello icon.

Look below. Notice anything just slightly off? The default Trello icon on the Mac is slanted, and there is no way to change it.

Not a single icon on my Mac is slanted, so this looks out of place. Rob Scholten created this amazing Trello replacement icon you can download for free.

To replace the icon on your Mac, browse to your applications folder. You will then need to close Trello, remove it from your Dock, and open it again from the Applications folder.

Note: Whenever Trello pushes out an update, they override the icon. So keep the icon file handy to replace it. It basically takes drag and drop to the next level.

There is one thing you will want to change. SVG files. This is a deal-breaker for me, I just need all file types to work. Yoink is great at this!

Below is a list of settings I use to configure my Macs on a fresh install. I thought sharing these might help out a few folks. Much easier on the eyes.

Make sure to bookmark this as I will be continually adding to it as I find new helpful Mac apps. I would love to hear from you guys! Are there any awesome apps that I missed?

Drop them below in the comments. There's also the ability to set reminders, share notes with friends, find information related to notes using Evernote's 'Context' feature, create lists, and favorite notes that you frequently return to.

Better yet, all of your notes are synchronized using the company's servers, making them accessible on nearly any PC through a browser or the native Evernote app or mobile device in the world.

The paid version lets you use Evernote with more than two devices while upping the amount of data you can sync each month.

Features include layers, highly customizable brushes, automatic image enhancing tools and filters. These days, balancing features with simplicity and good design in the best Mac apps is critically important.

This allows you to get on with writing without being distracted by so many buttons and menus. There's a handy attachments bar on the right-hand side that features an attractive word counter and lets you write notes to assist you in your writing.

Notes can be accessed anywhere thanks to iCloud support, so you can pick up your iPad and carry on where you left off using macOS's Handoff feature.

However, you just have a Mac. This is thanks to a third party work of reverse engineering called OneCast.

This awesome app brings Xbox One game streaming to macOS. It works as easily as connecting both your Mac and Xbox One to the same network and subsequently logging into Xbox Live.

In our experience, OneCast works like a charm, though you should have both systems connected to your modem via ethernet if possible.

Nobody can deny that the best Macs are great for network admin uses, and if you need to manage a bunch of Windows devices, being able to remote into a PC to diagnose problems is critically important.

Luckily, Microsoft has provided an app just for that. Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 is a godsend for network admins and IT professionals, and is easily one of the best Mac apps you can download right now.

Microsoft Office has been available on Mac for years now, but you always had to go through a couple hoops to download it. The market for disk optimization apps is neither desolate nor particularly interesting, particularly on the Mac — where Apple usually does a good job of cleaning up its drives on its own.

Luckily, apps like CleanMyMac X are there to save the day. It might be kind of like three apps than just one, but SoftMaker Office takes all the key features of Microsoft Office and puts them into an interface that tailors to your needs.

It comes with a group of programs called TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations that are similar enough to Office without the rolling subscription.

At any given point, you can swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers on the trackpad or one on the mouse to reveal a trio of windows that can be concealed and re-summoned whenever you please.

With so many social media companies, SMS platforms and instant messaging services to choose from, most of us also have a number of different accounts used to administer to all of those messages.

But what if you only had to log into one? It lets you seamlessly switch between any of these apps as easily as you can toggle between Slack workspaces.

That way, even if you have 10 Facebook accounts for whatever reason, all of your messages will be visible in the same place. With Deliveries, you can keep track of all your incoming deliveries in one place in an easy-to-read interface.

It really is one of the best Mac apps for anyone with a busy mailbox. Sometimes, life gets hectic, and you need some help getting everything organized.

It even offers weather forecasting, subscriptions to interesting calendars like moon phases, and time zone adjustments, so that you can stay on top of your busy life no matter where you are.

Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Back to School Get it from: App Store Price: Free Evernote has morphed into a mighty note-taking app over the years.

Malwarebytes is a decent anti-malware software provides top of the line security for your Mac computer and data systems. Filed under: Apple Apps Tech. LastPass offers a very generous free tier that allows you to use the software on two different machines. The Mac App is beautiful, along with dark mode. Just launch the app and drag Godzilla Games List drop the apps that you want to uninstall and it will Psyche Symbol care of the rest. The app brings a beautiful cover Best Apps Mac design which lets you easily swipe between cards to select different tasks. Collageit 3 for Mac is a great tool to combine multiple photos Mainz 05 Freiburg a photo collages for art projects, greeting cards, presentations, scrapbook, and much more. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. There is both a free and premium version. Best Apps Mac Zusätzlich kann Textwrangler auch Skripte ausführen. Shotcut Die kostenlose Videoschnittsoftware Shotcut ist einen Blick wert, bietet die Mr Green Anmelden doch ungewöhnliche Filter und unterstützt Bubbl viele Formate. Nach etwas mehr als einem Jahr wird es mal wieder Zeit, unsere Liste mit den 10 besten Productivity-Apps für Apple-User zu aktualisieren. Mittlerweile sind es aber vor allem Draw Play 3, die besonders tolle Apps für das Desktop-Betriebssystem macOS präsentieren. Zusätzlich kann Foxit Reader auch Kommentare in Dokumenten erstellen und solche anzeigen. Auch die Organisation der Textdokumente erfolgt in eher rudimentärer Form.

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